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Safety at the workplace

Workplace safety must always be a top priority. This applies to both the safety behind the work technique itself and therefore the goods that are worked with, and of course the employees who carry out the work. Every year, a huge number of injuries occur, which could have been avoided with the right technique, the right tools, and a competent safety representative at the head. At Halco Safety Knives, we are always ready to help you achieve a better level of safety. You are always welcome to contact our email salg@halco.dk or telephone +45 75 10 27 44.

Minimum sales per order is always DKK. 500,- + VAT. It is possible to mix from the entire assortment

Product overview

Find the safety knife that matches your needs.

Hobby knives are a thing of the past

At Halco Safety Knives, we import the best safety knives on the market, so companies can get rid of the unsafe hobby knives. Hobby knives are dangerous and are the cause of many unnecessary injuries every single year. Instead, we supply safety knives that are designed to handle the same tasks as a hobby knife, but without the danger of cutting themselves. With our safety knives you get knives that have hidden and self-retracting blades that make it easy and safe to use and carry.

See our large selection of safety knives

At Halco Safety Knives, we have a large selection of safety knives for different purposes, so you do not have to compromise on either function or safety. In addition, we have uploaded various video guides on our site that demonstrate the functions of safety knives and how they can be used safely and efficiently in your daily work. We also offer advertising prints on all our safety knives, which makes it obvious to have a stock of these, which you can give new employees as a welcome-on-the-team gift. In addition, you will also find that in our product range we offer package solutions such as a starter pack with the safety knives in different variations, and of course we have accessories such as a knife container that makes it easy for you to safely dispose of used knives. If you have any questions about our safety knives, you are always welcome to contact us by email sales@halco.dk or telephone 75 10 27 44.

Last update 06.03.2024

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