Accessories PHC™ Knives

Case for S8
Item no. UKH-594

DKK. 33,00 /pcs.

Case for S7
Item no. UKH-545

DKK. 30,75 /pcs.

Case for S4, S5 and S4S
Item no. UKH-423

DKK. 34,50 /pcs.

Case for EZ3

DKK. 34,50 /pcs.

Case for RSC-432
Item no. UKH-443

DKK. 34,50 /pcs.

Container for
used blades
Item no. BB-00205

DKK. 72,00 /pcs.

Container for
used blades
Item no. BB-00206

DKK. 86,25 /pcs.

Elastic Safety
Cord Item no. CL-36

DKK. 15,75 /pcs.

Yoyo with carabiner
Item no.  KBH-370

DKK. 14,75 /pcs.

Universal leather case
Item no. UKH-326

DKK. 79,50 /pcs.

Nylon holster
Item no.  UKH-325

DKK. 35,00 /pcs.

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