Brand printing on your Knives

Do you want your own “Private label” on a safety knife?

We can help create a perfect advertising knife, with your logo, print, slogan or QR code. Approx. 78% remember you through advertising, so here you can get both branding of your company, as well as a useful safety knife.

Give us a call on +45 75 10 27 44 and we will find the right solution for you.

See our examples here:

Advertising printing on Safety Knives

Print in one color, all new orders:

Start-up – DKK. 1.000, –

Quantity and Price:

100 pcs. pr. PCS. DKK. 6.50

250 pcs. pr. PCS. DKK. 5.75

500 pcs. pr. PCS. DKK. 5.00

1000 pcs. pr. PCS. DKK. 4.50

3000 pcs. pr. PCS. DKK. 4.00

It’s about. 14 days delivery time in print

Contact us for more info

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