Starter packages

Are you ready to try a safety knife?

We have gathered 2 starter packs, so you can try a different types, and find the one that suits you and your needs best.

Starter package 1 Klever® Knives

3 pcs. Klever Kutter narrow
3 pcs. Klever Koncept narrow
2 pcs. Klever Excel narrow
2 pcs. Klever Excel wide
2 pcs. Klever Xchange narrow
2 pcs. Sticker curved all metal blades
4 pcs. Klever Xchange Knifesblades narrow
2 pcs. Klever Xchange Knifesblades wide
1 pcs. Knife Container
Price DKK. 628,79 + vat

Starter package 1 Klever Knives

Starter package 2 Accessories

5 pcs. Yoyo Y1
5 pcs. Yoyo Y2
5 pcs. Yoyo Y3
5 pcs. Halssnor H1
5.pcs. Halssnor H2
5 pcs. Halssnor H3
Price DKK. 573,80 + vat

Starter package 2 Accessories

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