Accessories Klever Knives

Neckline with kevlar strap
Item no. H1

DKK. 9,50 /pcs..
Min 100 pcs.

Necklace with keychain,
clamp and carabiner.
Item no. H2

DKK. 10,65 /pcs.
Min. 100 pcs.

Necklace with leather and
click collector with keychain
Item no. H3

DKK. 14,20 /pcs.
Min. 100 pcs.

Yoyo steel wire with
key ring and carabiner.
Has belt clips.
Item no. Y1

DKK 21,30 /pcs.
Min. 50 pcs.

Yoyo with kevlar string
and carabiner.
Has belt clips and snap ring
Item no. Y2

DKK. 21,50 /pcs
Min 50 pcs.

Yoyo with keychain
and carabiner. Has belt clips
Item no. Y3

DKK. 17,75 /pcs.
Min 50 pcs.

Container for used
knives 1L. in hard plastic
Item no. KT0001

DKK. 34,90 /pcs.
Min 25 pcs.

Holster for Klever Knives
(Without knife)
Item no. SK0005

DKK. 54,00 /pcs.
Min. 10 pcs.

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